You eat insects!?

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I remember my child hood days! Oh! The good old days of dancing & running butt naked in the rain! Sheer happiness it was! The little pleasures of life. So much fun it was, shaking like a leaf afterwards…  And an angry mother worried that I was going to get sick.

I remember catching grasshoppers! Yes… Grasshoppers! Those pesky little insects destroyed plants! And no, in Africa we do not use pesticides to get rid of grasshoppers! We catch them.

In the season, with neighborhood kids it was fun running through the neighborhood to catch the grasshoppers. To catch grasshoppers you need light, a shiny surface and a bottle to put the grasshoppers! We thanked GOD for the inventers of security lights! (We called them “The grasshopper lights”) There were thousands of grasshoppers at the lights! It was a competition!  Who had the most! When my brother, my sister and I thought we had collected enough grasshoppers, we ran back home, oh so very excited!

At home the process of taking off legs and wings would begin! One by one they got stripped.  Not my favorite part as I sometimes got bitten by the grasshoppers! We had to dip our fingers in ash, and gently pluck off the legs and wings!

Damn! Posting this picture makes my mouth water! Ok, maybe you were wondering why we were catching grasshoppers! We ATE them! Yes! That’s right! A great source of protein and a crunchy delicious treat! Mmmmm….I love them! And I miss them so very much, now that we live in Madagascar!

The first time the Dutch husband saw me eat grasshoppers, he was like Eww! “You eat insects!?” Yes, I replied with a smile on my face! They are yummy, I said. And in Uganda we LOVE them! So yes, I eat insects! He dared to taste! Not his favorite!

But our son loves them too!

And that was my reaction as well when we met kids carrying quite some cigales in their hands without wings! (Cover photo) Eww! They eat insects in Madagascar! I said. And I remembered that I have also eaten insects!

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